Who is the event aimed at? What is the goal?

The Swiss IT Lawyers’ Day is aimed – as the name suggests – at lawyers who work in the field of IT law in the broadest sense. However, the aim is not to address only lawyers who have acquired the title of specialist lawyer for IT law and/or who work exclusively in the field of traditional IT law. The Swiss IT Lawyers’ Day is primarily intended to serve the exchange of knowledge and networking around the topics of digitalization and law. Because as all of us who are active in these areas know, silo thinking within the framework of a profession is of little use here. Regardless of whether our activities are focused on the

  • Creation of software-as-a-service contracts,
  • Implementation of DSGVO compliance projects,
  • representing clients in IT warranty law issues,
  • forensic prosecution of IT attacks,
  • support of works councils in the digitalization of corporate processes or in theblockchain technologies and/or AI, it is always true that the

The same is always true that the legal questions and problems can hardly be solved without looking beyond one’s own legal horizons.

Who is the event aimed at?

For this reason, the Swiss IT Lawyers’ Day is naturally aimed at lawyers, in-house lawyers, trainee lawyers and students as well as other lawyers, but also explicitly at data protection officers and IT security officers who, for their part, naturally also work at the interface between IT and law and may have originally come to this topic from the IT side.

What is the goal of the event?

The goal of the event is to expand the level of knowledge, to discuss professionally and at the same time to look beyond one’s own nose. And it is precisely because of this goal that we have chosen the BarCamp format (What is a BarCamp?!). On the one hand, it is possible to deepen one’s knowledge of one’s own areas of focus, such as the drafting of IT procurement contracts, and on the other hand, to gain insight into related and yet foreign fields of activity – for example, by listening to a colleague on the forensic processing of IT attacks.

In addition, there should be an uncomplicated exchange across the various seniority levels. Is legal tech still a foreign word to you? Then listen to the young colleague-to-be who has been dealing with it for years. And the young colleague will surely be happy to take something away from the session “Tricks and tricks in IT contract negotiations” of the experienced in-house lawyer colleague. But who knows? Perhaps the young colleague will bring an aspect to the session that none of the old hands has considered so far?

The format of the BarCamp with different sessions running simultaneously allows you to put together your personal conference program on this day and, if necessary, to design it yourself by offering your own sessions.

Is the event only aimed at women?

Our aim is to make the many women who are active in the field of IT and data protection law and who do great work every day visible and to network them with each other. Because the former happens too little, and the latter is – unfortunately – rarely an opportunity. That is why the Swiss IT Lawyers’ Day primarily addresses women. However, men are of course not excluded from the Swiss IT Lawyers’ Day.

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